May Music News

    In December 2023, Dallas-based Azteca Music Group launched its TX Country imprint Azteca Ranch Music, with its base of operations in San Antonio. Since then, Azteca Ranch Music continues to release more and more of the new generation of TX Country music including label artists: Sunny Sauceda, Vinny Tovar, Jack Mason, and Jerry Deleon & Southbound.

    "Leaving with My Heart"
    Vinny Tovar (feat. La Maquinaria Norteña)

    In collaboration with La Maquinaria Norteña, Vinny Tovar gives a song that combines elements of rock and country with Norteño Sax sounds, creating a fusion between all genres, “crossing borders” and uniting backgrounds through music. Thanks to its great popularity, the song was added to one of the most important playlists of the genre within Apple Music, "New in Country", making it a focal point for all country lovers. 

    Leaving With My Heart

    Sunny Sauceda


    Climbing the Texas Regional Radio Chart, Sunny launches the official music video for his latest single with Azteca Ranch Music, "Womanizer", on YouTube and all digital channels. "Womanizer" has the classic sounds of country music with a bit of boldness that makes it stand out, making it a must-listen for country music fans everywhere.